Macdonald Strikes Early In The Season


The opening round of British GT definitely started the way Dean and HHC had wished for with a win in the first race of the season and come away with the championship lead !

Dean started the first race of the season from third on the grid after a strong qualifying result put him behind the two Ford Mustangs. The early plan was to try and split the two mustangs from the start of the race and try and pick off the second later on in his stint. Dean managed to get past the first Mustang on the second lap just before the safety car was deployed and it wasn’t late after when he started to put pressure on the leader to try and force a couple of mistakes and create and opportunity to take the lead. This came just before the the pit window for the GT4 cars opened and managed to pull a small gap just before handing the car over to fellow team mate Callum Pointon.

“It was definitely not an easy task to get past the two Fords but I felt like I had better pace than they did so it was only a matter of time where an overtaking opportunity would open and I’m glad it came when it did, the car felt great during my stint thanks to the HHC boys and Callum’s final stint was faultless to bring the car back in lead”

Next up is Snetterton and hopefully more of the same is to come.

Dean Macdonald