Super FKS – Round One

dean superfks

Buckmore Park 8th- 10th April

Dean Macdonald joined the Fortec Motorsport team for the 1st round of the Formula Kart Stars.

The weekend’s racing got off to a slow start, unfortunately all the teams had to wait on the late arrival of various parts for the new karts.  Instead of practise on Friday & Race Day 1 Saturday & Race Day 2 Sunday.  The teams had to make do with practise Saturday & Race Day 1 Sunday.

After getting everything organised the drivers were ready and desperate to get the meeting underway.  Saturday went well throughout the practise sessions certainly putting Dean and the Fortec team in a solid position for race day.  Drivers had various option tyres available to them so they had to be very clever on how they were going to utilise them.

Sunday’s qualifying was well under way Dean secured 2nd place just pipped by his team mate.  Heat 1 saw Dean Finish 5th not quite what he had hoped for but knowing Dean he had something to come back with later. Heat 2 he secured 3rd making it a 1, 2, 3 for Fortec.  Dean improved again for Heat 3 finishing in 2nd behind his team mate.

Finals were everything to play for and certainly was going to be anybody’s race if the heats were anything to go by.  Racing underway well what can we say Dean was certainly leaving the best till last. At the 2nd corner he took the lead & by lap 2 he was 1.5 seconds in front.  A truly awesome start that left a few wondering what just happened.  Dean was untouchable throughout the 20 minute (32 lap) race, he led from start to finish with a final gap of 4.05 seconds.  Dean obviously read the meeting right.

Downforce radio’s commentating certainly added to the excitement of the race. They compared Dean to Alain Prost for his knowledge/driving skills/physique and his ability to read a race/meeting and know what is needed to get out in front.  Their take on it was that they reckoned he could be the next Formula One driver to come out of Scotland but would be hard for him purely on the financial level but not his physical ability.  A true honour to be compared to such a prestige F1 driver.

It is true never under estimate Dean as he will always come back fighting and can be very tactical on what needs to be done.

We certainly look forward to next round at GYG in wales on the 29th of April, if anything like this weekend then he will certainly have us all sitting on the edge of our seats.


dean superfks

Published on April 10, 2016